The main goal of this site is to give you convenient and quality instrument for choosing ski resort in the Alps and Andorra, to collect all necessary information in one place. There is a huge quantity of ski resorts and usually it’s a hard work to select some candidates for visiting and then select one of them that is the best for you. This site was made to save your time on collection and analysis of information, also you don’t need to spend your time on checking that information for actuality.


  • Reliability and relevance of data. All information is scrupulously analyzed and checked before placement. The main objective was to collect reliable data, as often information about the length of pistes, lifts, altitude of skiing etc. at different sites differs, and sometimes significantly. To obtain correct data we used official sites as a source, sometimes it was necessary to refer to ski maps, and sometime even manually count the number of lifts or sum up piste lengths.
  • New principle of resorts classification. We use principle «ski area = resort» instead of usual «locality = resort». Thus we offer to select a skiing area first, and only after that the a place of your residence. Also it helps to avoid confusion while selecting resort when one and the same ski area is presented by several localities and you need to spend time to understand if it is one and the same resort or not (for example, Austrian region Skiwelt may be presented in brochure of tour operator by Zell, Elmau, Brixen and a number of other cities). But if necessary you can search resorts in our catalogue by the name of the city — you can easily do that by entering the name in the field «Resort name» of searching form.
  • Convenient data view and analysis. This site was designed to make your work with information easiest and fastest. For example, in table of resorts you can compare pistes length by their difficulty graphically; also you can compare skiing area altitudes that the same way. Also all resorts are located on the interactive map and the size of marker depends on pistes length of the resrort. It helps you to estimate and compare the size of ski area. This site was born in 2011 in Russia and we always try to improve the interface to make it more comfortable and clear. Feedback of site visitors was a great support during this time.
  • High quality of media. We collect only high quality images both photos and ski maps. Last one is very important feature as it is very hard to find site that contains such full collection of high quality ski maps in high resolution.
  • No blah-blah and trash-talks. Only useful information needed to form an impression about resorts you are interested in. You will not find here such phrases as «Cozy village, located at the bottom of the sunny valley surrounded by majestic mountains...». But really useful and reliable information is easy to find here.
  • User friendly interface. Use tooltips to get explanation and information about functions that you are interested in (move mouse cursor to corresponding element of the interface). Also use contextual help marked by sign.
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